Policies Documentation

Information we (PRIE) have collected or created to help us define policies, and protect our guests and staff. We want to share this with your business in hopes that it helps with efforts to define your path forward and operate safely.

Safety Documentation

COVID-19 Documentation


PRIE developed our policies from reading what other counties have published (at the time SJC was serously lacking in online guidance and resources for businesses). Posting instructions to guests and staff will be made available online and at entrances to the winery. This is to inform guests, staff, and the county we are operating with due diligence. Second, we live in a time were lawsuits and settlements are common as bad twitter posts. These signs, policies, and training may provide some legal protection to our staff and us.

You can read our online guide that each visitor will made aware of. Note this is work in progress (grammer as well).

The information collected here is based on our investigations and from other businesses, guidance from DPH, CDC, OSHA, and our own ideas. Like many, shortly before/after the shutdown we were scrambling to understand how to reopen and the rules. We found many counties were posting guidelines and based our Initial Protocol (subsequently used to develop our online policies) on these guides. Since then, many states and counties have created their own guidence which, can be a great resource to you. Here is Santa Clara's template for businesses that we found very useful. Note while we actively update this information, 1) guidelines are rapidly evolving, and 2) this is a perspective, and from a legal point of view, it has not been reviewed by a lawyer.

Guess Liability Waiver posted on site and available to have guest(s) sign: Waiver.

Staff Records

Employee acknowledgements, policies, notifications, and safety sheets.

Signage for the Property

The signs we use around the property are provided below in pptx and pdf. Like many, we looked online for metal or plastic signs and found then to be costly. So, we went with making our own and laminating them. The cost of a hot laminator and sheet stock was cheaper than buying three signs. Now that we decided to print our own signs, we found official signs (PDFs) from the CDC and other public health web sites were created by a great graphic artist; beautiful but, completely lacking in common, cost, sense (ink is expensive). So, we retooled many of the signs/posters to save ink (white background).

Once printed we cut them to size, laminated (5mm), and post where needed.

Signage (MS pptx) and as PDF.

CDC, Public Health Signage and Guidelines

COVID Information
COVID Event Attendees Information
COVID Symptoms
Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Guidelines, and additional information can be found at Cal/OSHA