Policies and Guidelines

Should you be here?

Let's just get this out there for everyone. I know we are tired of sheltering for weeks, summer is here, and we are wanting a good time, to laugh, hug, and be with others. As a local business, we are struggling, really need the business, and are ecstatic you thought of us. However, and we are serious about this.

We will deny your group entrance or ask you to leave if any of the following apply:


In visiting PRIE Winery, you agree to abide by these policies and guidelines.


Visiting with Safe Distancing

We strive to create a safe environment for you as well as our staff. The changes we had made are to protect you and our staff. We all have experienced many changes whilst shopping for food or picking up take out. Wineries are the same. The distance you keep from others out of respect for their safety, we do the same. This includes limiting our time talking with you, pouring wines at the table or bar, access to the property, and revisiting wines. The following are guidelines we have established to help everyone to stay safe.

Distancing and Group Sizes

Whether solo visiting, or as a group, the winery is practicing safe distancing. We ask that everyone honor the policies and guidelines listed at the winery entrance and on this web page.

Wine Tasting and Purchases