It starts with a dream to create, a passion for the art, to make the world a happier place. That's how PRIE was created - an idea, a passon. The success of the vineyards and wineries today are built upon the dreams and hard work of those that have preceeded us in making Lodi home. This includes a great team supporting PRIE in our journey.

Let's introduce our team.

John Gash (Winemaker)
Lisa Gash (Winemaker)
Paige Gash (The next generation)
Forrest Gash (The next generation)
Gordy Evenson (Works for cookies)
Mike Anagnos (Vineyard Management)
Phil Silver (Marketing and Distribution)
Muse the Pirate Cat (Balance)

The winery would not be possible without the help from family and many talented people. Thank you.

Rick Moore (Web: Rick Moore Construction)
Gerardo Espinosa (Email: Gerardo at WMB Architects)
Gabriel Ceballos (Email: studio@gceballos.com)
And many others unnamed. We are greatly appreciative and humbled by your passion and support.

In Memory of Ernie Bender

It is with great sorrow that we share with you the passing of a great friend, a true wine lover, Ernie Bender in December 2018 (Obituary). An amazing and kind gentleman. We are saddened by his absence, but are comforted in knowning he is forever in our hearts and memories.

Fly high Ernie.