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2013 LH Zindandel


2014 Cabernet Sauvignon


2015 Carignane
2015 Petite Sirah
2015 Petit Verdot
2015 Zindandel


2016 Barbera
2016 Carignane
2016 Syrah


2017 Carignan Rose
2017 Grenache Clair
2017 Dornfelder
2017 Vermentino

Logos, Images, and Stuff

The winery's logo and supporting graphics are in various image formats and backgrounds (transparent or white) to support a wide variety of applications.


PRIE Winery and Vineyard:  PNG (transparent), JPEG (white)
PRIE Only:  JPEG 2000 (transparent), JPEG 2000 (white), JPEG (white)
PRIE + LODI:  JPEG (white)

Other Cool Stuff

Winery's name in pictographs:  PNG (transparent), JPG (white)
Embrace your Geek motto:  JPEG (white)

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